The Beginning

Jeff grew up with a Dad that would read every golf magazine and would try every fad and trend on him first. Little did he know this would plant the seed of wonder and a quest for answers to the endless “whys” he would have.

In his early years as a golf professional he to would try the latest trends. In his quest “for the secret”, he had lessons with several of the top regio, who nal and national instructors. As we all have discovered, whenever we seem to have found it, “it” soon fails. The big frustration he experienced was when asking questions of even the big name experts, rarely if ever were the answers actual answers, instead the answer was based on lines on a screen and side by side comparisons.

For more than a decade now Jeff has integrated the systems and programs he has found to allow for the unlimited differences in peoples movement abilities, what ever they may be.

Jeff is a Level 2, BioSwing Dynamics Instructor and a Level 5, Wright Balance fitter. These two utilize simple physical screens to assess and prescribe how one moves best. Jeff will rarely tell a player how to do something without screening them first. Many times inconsistencies in performance come from players trying to “swing like Tiger, when they really shouldn’t be. Being told specifics of how to move, without being screened first can rapidly lead to frustrations and injuries.

Balancing out the technical “how tos”, Jeff is also a Tathata Movement specialist, a certified Mach III Speed Instructor and Strength in Motion coach. These training programs use multiple movements and tools that enable a person to feel how the body moves through the motion. Many times Jeff can screen a player just by observing how they move certain training tools.

The combination of the above and other trainings allows Jeff to answer almost any “why” with a specific answer. “The true secret to golf, is knowing how YOU swing it best”, have it from a very credible source, that is what Hogan told Snead, when Snead asked Hogan about this “secret” he had.

Jeff has been recognized several times as a “Teacher of the Year” along with multiple other professional awards.